Mystery Babylon is no longer a Mystery

The identity of Mystery Babylon has opened the door for other secrets of the bible to be understood.

New – Why the woman of Revelation 12 APPEARED
New – America’s last President REVEALED
New – See how long Donald Trump will rule for
New – Daniel’s 2520 Years (Writing on the wall) SOLVED
New – The Year of America’s Destruction REVEALED
New – Revelation 17 SOLVED
New – The Eighth King Antichrist REVEALED
New – Daniel’s 9:24-25 Two-fold Prophecy SOLVED
New – Gods Tribulation time-line SOLVED
New – The year of Jesus’s return REVEALED 

New – The New Covenant will be made in May, 2037

Concerning the 2020 U.S. elections, the prophets are all saying that Donald Trump will win. Can we know if what they are saying is true?

Yes we can because it is also written in the bible. The written word of  God actually validates that their prophetic word to us is correct.  Both the written word and prophetic word  are in agreement on this.

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Mystery Babylon Fully and Completely Solved

FINALLY Mystery Babylon one of the greatest bible mysteries has been COMPLETELY SOLVED.
Many books claim to know who she is but most have been wrong. Some have suggested that Babylon is America and although this is correct, this is only part of it. What NO ONE is even remotely aware of is that Babylon is to be destroyed THREE TIMES. Without this knowledge it is IMPOSSIBLE to fully understand Babylon’s identity.
When the World Trade Centre fell, a MAJOR Prophecy was fulfilled to which three entire chapters of the bible bear witness to. The WTC was the first Babylon to fall. The whole world has missed this prophecy that holds the KEY to unlocking other secrets of the bible.
Be prepared to be SHOCKED and AMAZED as you discover these other secrets that are revealed in the last chapter “GOD’S TRIBULATION TIMELINE”
• Learn about the BUSH PRESIDENTS, their connection to ancient Babylon and their significance to end time Babylon.
• Find out the name of the LAST PRESIDENT, how long he will rule for and the year America is destroyed.
• See why Donald Trump will be re-elected.
• Discover that the Revelation 12 sign was given to show us the END-DAYS began in 2017.
• Daniel’s 9:24-25 Prophecy is Two-fold and just like his first coming, it holds the answer to when Jesus will return.
• You will be ASTONISHED when you discover that Antichrist is a former US President.
• STUNNED when you find out that the New Covenant WAS NOT made on the cross.
• And AWE-STRUCK as you learn God’s Timeline which has 12 witnesses that testify to its accuracy. False date setters will NEVER AGAIN be able to fool you once you know God’s TRUE Timeline.

This book will end many false prophecies about Babylon and put prophecy back on track. I believe that even Scholars, Theologians and Prophecy experts will pay attention.
I have often wondered why it is that many different interpretations of prophecy are found today, and which, if any are true. Prophecy pertaining to the end of this age has always been a difficult subject to understand simply because it was never meant to be fully understood by any generation other than the one living in it. It was not meant for any of the previous generations before ours. We are the last generation that is soon to enter the tribulation, therefore end time prophecy was specifically aimed at us, and is only meant for us to fully understand. It was impossible for previous generations to fully understand end-time prophecy because prophecy had been sealed until the end days. Even the prophets that had been given the visions and told to write what they saw could not understand them. In view of the fact that previous generations could not fully understand end-time prophecy, it must be realized that not everything they passed on to us is correct, and that a lot of the controversy concerning end-time prophecy exists as a result of their limited understanding. Controversy of the rapture, of Babylon’s identity, and even all the wrong predictions made about the end of this world, or the return of Jesus, are numerous, and much of it has been wrong. Why? Because prophecy was sealed to them, yet today we have based a lot of our prophetic understanding on their limited understanding.  But now the end-times are here, they began in 2017.  This is the time when Daniel’s sealed prophecies are to be understood. 

The truths that will be revealed in this book are for everybody who’s alive today, for all have witnessed the fulfillment of God’s prophecy concerning the WTC. 

There is NO OTHER book written about Mystery Babylon that claims she has been fully and completely solved. This is the ONLY one that makes that claim and proves it through God’s word.

About the author

George Merianos

  I am not a Pastor, Preacher or Theologian, and I don’t have any qualifications or titles, or hold any position of any importance. I was born in Melbourne in 1958, and have lived most of my life here. My Christian life began at a Greek evangelical church when I was 27 years of age, and lasted until I was about 30. I have been diligently studying God’s word since the World Trade Centre attack, but my study has not been through any religious system. In 2009 I started to attend church regularly, but that only lasted for a few years. So as you can see, my qualifications are non-existent. Nevertheless, through a careful and attentive study of God’s word, I believe that I have been blessed with a clearer understanding of end-time prophecy regarding Babylon, than many of those in church authority and those educated in our religious institutions. No man has taught me the new truths that are revealed in this book. My study has been by sitting at God’s table, being taught by God Himself, through His word and by His spirit. 

I am not affiliated with any Christian religious organization, and I do not promote any of them as holding all the truth about God. I am not promoting any new organization and I do not promote myself, neither do I claim to know and understand all end-time prophecy. What I do promote is the fact that we have all witnessed a major prophecy take place, and are soon to witness the fulfillment of all the prophecies that Jeremiah prophesied against all the nations.

Though some might want to call me a prophet, I make no claim to being any kind of a prophet sent by God, nor do I suggest that God has spoken directly to me. But I do, however, believe that He has allowed me to see and understand His prophecies relating to the World Trade Centre  destruction from the word, “Go,” (11 Sept 2001) yet I do not believe that I am the only one.

I am not a writer and I have not written any books previous to this one. Nevertheless, it is not my ability or lack of ability as a writer that gives this book any value or credibility. Its value lies in the truth of its content while its credibility comes in the revelation of seeing God’s prophecy fulfilled, and to have it confirmed by the testament of three entire chapters of the Bible that speak in detail of the destruction of the WTC, and bear witness of its fulfillment. Both the event and the prophecies are a perfect reflection of each other.